Cabot’s Woodcare

Cabot’s Timber Finishes are part of the DuluxGroup producing premium woodcare products for Australia. Premium products require premium packaging and decoration. NCI supplies a full range of decorated tinplate cans, pails and drums to Cabots.

A range of products need to have a consistent look with colours matching ensuring in store displays are coherent. NCI’s drive for ever increasing customer quality expectations this year installed a new vision inspection system on the 6 colour print line. This equipment takes a high resolution photograph of every sheet produced at up to 8500 sheets per hour. The camera can detect the tiniest variation from standard, and isolate faulty product in an instant during the high speed production process. Even better than being able to detect faulty product after it’s made, the vision inspection system can be used as a process control tool. NCI is the only metal decorator in the region with this highly sophisticated equipment installed and places us at the leading edge of quality control.