Dulux Wash&Wear PLUS

New Dulux Wash&Wear PLUS is the best we’ve ever made, setting a new standard in performance for stain resistance, hiding power and toughness. More than ever before your walls will stay looking freshly painted for longer. The PLUS range incorporates addition benefits such as Anti Bacterial, Mouldshield, Super Hide (for superior coverage over previously painted surfaces) and Super Tough two pack epoxy.

The packaging for these products has to convey the premium quality and high performance features of the paint. To do this Dulux chose NCI Packaging cans and pails with 6-colour process printing over a printed white so the tinplate is visible as part of the design. The complete range of cans and pails from 1 Litre can thought to 15 Litre pails need to match in colour and appearance on shelf as paint is all about colour and appearance. To ensure this level of consistency NCI has installed a vision inspection system on our 6-colour printing press. This equipment takes a high resolution photograph of every sheet produced at up to 8500 sheets per hour. The camera can detect the tiniest variation from standard, and isolate faulty product in an instant during the high speed production process. Even better than being able to detect faulty product after it’s made, the vision inspection system can be used as a process control tool.

This premium decoration reinforces the premium qualities of the products and attracts customers while emphasising the special features of this range of paints.