Range Description

The NCI Packaging product range of  tinplate and injection moulded plastic packaging is suitable for many products and industries including: paint, building products, chemicals, industrial, retail & wholesale food, edible oils, extra virgin olive oil, aerosols and many others.

NCI Product Range is available in various sizes with industry leading decoration, we make your product stand out on the shelf. Contact our team to discuss the different packaging solutions that NCI can offer.


The tinplate packaging range includes:

  • general line cans, pails and drums: 100mL to 25 Litre
  • flask shaped drums: 500mL to 5 Litre
  • square drums: 2 to 4 Litre and
  • open top food cans (3-piece and 2-piece Draw Re-Draw [DRD]) in many popular sizes.

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The plastic packaging range of injection moulded pails and tubs includes:

  • plastic pails: 500mL to 20 Litres
  • plastic ice cream containers, round, square, oval and trays: 120mL to 5 Litre
  • square, round, oval, octagonal shaped containers: 120mL to 5 Litre
  • a selection of handles and colourful lids
  • industry leading In-Mould-Labelling (IML) in matt, gloss, clear or nGLIMMER™ (metallic silver)
  • manufactured in HACCP certified facilities using raw materials that comply with  Australian Standard 2070:1999.

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Our aerosol range includes:

  • tinplate aerosols (3-piece) and
  • aluminium aerosols (monobloc)
  • with high quality decoration or plain, ready to be sleeve wrapped.


  • lithographic printing on to tinplate
  • sheeting and coating of tinplate and aluminium for enhanced appearance and performance
  • in-Mould Labelling for plastic containers
  • dry Off-set printing of aluminium aerosol

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