• Dulux Wash & Wear PLUS highly Decorated Cans and Pails

    Highly Decorated Cans and Pails

    Dulux Wash&Wear PLUS is a range of premium interior paints that need premium packaging. NCI cans and pails with premium decoration were chosen to ensure the brand and these products are present at their very best.

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  • Resene Paint Can - 4 litre tripletite

    Quality paint demands quality cans

    Resene is New Zealand’s largest privately owned paint company.
    With a reputation for outstanding quality paint they have used NCI cans and pails for decades.

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As the most innovative packaging company in Australasia supplying both metal and plastic.
NCI is ideally placed to meet all your packaging needs.

From its origins as a specialist manufacturer of cans, NCI has evolved to become a key product partner to many of the region’s leading paint, food and aerosol brands. Our broad geographic reach enables us to service customers across the region which means you can get what you need when you need it, close to home.

With over 60 years experience in manufacturing superior plastic and metal packaging product here in Australia and internationally.


NCI manufactures an extensive range of tinplate cans, pails & drums in a variety of shapes: round, square and flask. Our cans and pails range in size from 100mL to 25 Litres and drums from 250mL to 25 Litres. Our tinplate range is available with outstanding decoration and a selection of internal coatings to suit your designated applications. To complement our range of drums we stock an extensive range of lids and fittings such as: locking rings, pull up pourers, screw caps, child resistance caps, taps and more.

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Injection moulded plastic pails and containers are some of the most used packaging formats today due to their versatility, light weight and transport efficiency. Their uses include: food (ice cream, cheese, nutritional supplements, fondants, condiments, honey), paint, building products (renders, adhesives, grouts, liquid membranes), car cleaning products and so much more. Most NCI pails include a Tamper Evidence (TE) feature and are offered in a range of standard colours and custom colours are available upon request (subject to minimum order quantities). In-Mould Labelling (IML) is the labelling method of choice as it offers the highest quality decoration.

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Aerosol cans are a consumer friendly, functional package with many uses.
We manufacture a full range of 3-piece tinplate and aluminium (monobloc) aerosols. Tinplate aerosols are used for everything from Personal and Hair Care (eg. hair sprays, shave foam), Household Care products (eg. insecticides, air fresheners), Industrial and DIY (eg. paint, lubricants, degreasers) and Food and Beverage (eg. whipped cream, pan sprays). Aluminium aerosols can be shaped into a range of profiles which can support your brand’s personality. Uses of these aerosols include: Personal Care (deodorants, hair care, sunscreen, shaving foams, etc) and nail gun fuel cells.

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For enquiries or more information call 1800 289 624

Our knowledgeable sales and customer service team can assist you to select the packaging solution to suit your product.
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