NCI operates in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea in compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and regulations.  The company strives to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all that it does.

Understanding and responding to regulatory and consumer demands around environment and sustainability is a complex and ever-evolving task.  In Australia, NCI is an active collaborator in the Paintback initiative and partners with Equilibrium as part of NCI’s sustainable packaging program.

NCI’s approach: 

  1. Integrates consideration of sustainability and environmental issues and impacts into its decision making and activities  having regard for air, land and water
  2. Assesses the environmental impact of its activities and products and strives to eliminate, re-engineer or protect against harm to the environment
  3. Focusses on manufacture of packaging that enhances the life-cycle of the products
  4. Endeavours to minimise material, energy and water use within its manufacturing processes
  5. Includes regular training, education and informs employees about environmental and safety best practices including appropriate emergency response programs
  6. Involves open and transparent communication of its environmental commitment to clients, customers and suppliers
  7. Values diversity regardless of gender, race or religion
  8. Has due regard for the UNs Sustainable Development Goals

Savings in Australian Operations 

14% electricity

25% gas

26% water